The gentlemen’s collection of toppers and accessories.

I love history, and in my own projects I’m constantly having to research and build old models (architecture, furniture, etc). There are plenty of modern and futuristic 3d assets out there, but I’m more interested in the past. In this case, I’ve put together a set of top hats that can be used for Victorian and steampunk themed projects or to be simply used as studio test models. You get tall ones, short ones, furry ones, and silky ones. You even get a few fun additions like the Mad Hatter’s hat!

So many styles to choose from.

Have you had this problem like I have? You’re in a hurry, and you’ve decided to purchase an asset instead of making it yourself. But when you finally find one that fits, you realize it’s not exactly what you wanted or maybe you want more of a variety to personalize your scene. Instead of buying one asset at a time and then still having to customize it later, why can’t you get an entire pack of options? That’s why I decided to create this collection. I’ve built a comprehensive set of hats so you can simply choose what style you like and then move on to the next stage. It’s simple, and you get great renders.


Thoroughly researched. It’s all in the details.

What you get is a complete set of realistic top hat models for Blender that you can import easily into any scene. The pack includes 50 fully textured models in addition to hat accessories that any respectable gentlemen would need to preserve the quality of his topper. Meticulous research has gone into to making sure these hats are historically accurate which is why I’ve also included info on how to use them in the right context. Simply append the hat group you want to use, and it’s ready to go. The materials are based off of modified node setups from with as much customizability as I thought necessary. You can change hat color, glossiness, material – even play with the procedural grunge mask to age your hat. Not only do you get a pack of hats with accessories, but you also get to keep the various fine tuned materials like satin, velvet, and wool. Each group contains hat elements and a lattice – all parented to an empty at the base of the hat. Select and move the empty to place the hat where you want. Each hat is made up of the crown, brim, brim binding, ribbon and bow, sweatband, lining, and moniker. There are 18 base materials  shared throughout the blend file. If you’d like to customize them, you can either alter the base material or make it a single user copy and play with the shaders.



  • Historically accurate
  • Multiple realistic materials
  • Procedural grunge mask
  • Comprehensive collection including accessories
  • Contextual tips so you know when to use specific hats
  • Accurate sizes and shapes
  • Ready for any era from 1790s-present
  • Advanced Cycles shaders using modified Chocofur material nodes
  • Customizable materials so you can mix and match styles
  • Imperial measurement
  • Each model is in its own group so you can append right into your scene
  • Optimized for subdivision surface
  • Use of modifiers for subdivision surface, thickness, and brim curve
  • Groups of common colors
  • Lattice deformation for crown shape

Assets included:

  • 40 different top hats
  • 10 novelty hats
  • 3 hat stands
  • Hat brush
  • Buffer
  • Bandbox style hat box

Materials included:

  • 3 paper materials
  • Leather
  • Silk-satin
  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Wood
  • Boxcloth
  • Melusine
  • Grosgrain silk
  • Fur
  • 2 moniker decals
  • Wool (multiple colors)

Node groups include grunge/edge wear, dust, and color swatches. More hats and accessories are coming so purchase now to help fund additional sets!

Purchase Fashion Collection – Top Hats on Blender Market today.