American Double Pedestal Flat-Top Desk – test2

Here is an updated version of the flat top desk I’m working on. I added black walnut wood grain, mushroom turned wooden knobs, inset metal keyhole surrounds, and a decorative element underneath the kneehole – all historically accurate.

Also, thanks to the advice of Hannah, one of my friends and patrons, I went with the green leather and gold inlayed desk top.

For now I am moving on to my next part of the room, the fireplace, but I’ll come back to the desk if I need to. There are little adjustments to make it more real, like dirt and general wear and tear. I would also like to rig the model so that I can open and close the drawers.

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American Double Pedestal Flat-Top Desk – test1

I’m working on a home library for my main character, the tycoon. I haven’t decided on a scene yet, but it’ll be nice to create a virtual stage. It’s also a great way to research the era because I have to learn about the history of every object I create.

Here is the first test render for the library desk. It’s just the blocking in stage, without details or textures applied. It’s called an American double pedestal flat-top desk, circa 1840-1880, a similar style to the one made in England at the time.

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