Introducing the Historic Houses of Candy Lane – Mini-Project

The cardboard boxes are beginning to stack up around me and our next move is approaching. As we move from El Paso back to my home town of Houston, Texas I must confess that I don’t know what the future holds for us.

It’s the first time we’re actually planning to stay in one place indefinitely. I’m ready to get all of the commotion over with and start unpacking again.

While that’s all going on in the background, I have a new mini-project to announce within the Autumn universe.

For me, being an artist has always been a lonely gig. I work and think better when I’m alone, but over time this becomes overwhelming for a few reasons. Second opinions help keep you on the right track.

Coming up with original ideas for every aspect of your art can be difficult, and you have to supply your own never-ending supply of enthusiasm and determination.

So, for some time I’ve wanted to collaborate with other artists on projects. With our many moves over the years, though, it’s been hard to find and build those relationships. I’m hoping to dip my toes into the waters of collaboration with this next stage.

Early render of Candy Lane cottage at night

Historic Houses of Candy Lane will be a series of digital renders and oil paintings depicting a strip of old Victorian homes in Autumn dating back to the 1880s, around the same time City Hall was being built.

Each house is unique and will be personalized by fans. Monthly contributors of $10+ to my Patreon page will get to choose a house plan, the color scheme, and, to the extent that they want, get to come up with a resident’s back story. I’ll fill in the holes from there.

The homes each have a unique feature that I will focus on in the painting—stained glass, American flag, bird bath, etc.

Just like my City Hall, I will build it in 3d. The final render will be used as reference for the oil painting series.

In the end, I’ll have a group of colorful paintings and a new part of the history of Autumn to share. Each painting will have the patron, the character, and backstory associated with it and eventually be displayed with the final piece.

It’s your chance to be part of the creative process! Learn more about Candy Lane and its backstory.