Second Empire Mansion Estate – test7

Moving back to the front of the house, here are the edited porch steps. I thought they were looking too similar to the rear steps with the balustrade continuing down to the ground level, so I converted the railing to a stone-like design and lowered it close to the steps. You’ll be able to notice it more clearly when the materials are applied.

I made a change in design for the newel (decorative pedestals at ground level) to better match the proportion of the railing. Another detail I added, one that adds some visual complexity to the house, is the lattice (the criss crossed area underneath the porch).

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Second Empire Mansion Estate – test6

This is a view of the back porch for my mansion design. I still have some details to throw in as it’s pretty bare at the moment. I think it looks like it just snowed.

This is a pretty big wrap around porch so I’ve thought about adding an opening at the section closest to the camera, between the two columns at the corner. I’ll have to take a look from further away later on to see if it’s aesthetically pleasing (it would definitely be functional).

I apologize for the snail paced updates, but I’ve been spending most of my time organizing my studio space and trying to bring in new fans to the project. I guess that’s the big goal of using Patreon, to get away from the financial burden to actually work on the art! You guys are lifesavers =)

I’m also continuing to add and revise the broad storyline so I have set “moments” to depict in my scenes. Let me know if you all are interested in me adding some posts about that in addition to the visual updates.

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Second Empire Mansion Estate – test5

Next stage of my Victorian mansion. Here’s the first closeup shot of the porch and small architectural details. Some of the placement may change over time, but I’m happy with the direction it’s going.

I have to admit that it’s been difficult to jump right back into this specific model. I took another temporary detour and started mapping out the city terrain. I’ll post some example shots soon to show you what I mean. I wanted the environment to be based on real terrain so I surveyed the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia on a map and imported real topography – very exciting (only I know exactly where the city is, though!).

Next up will be the porch that wraps around the back of the house.

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Second Empire Mansion Estate – test4

Almost two months have gone by since my last post because of my busy move from Charlottesville, Virginia to El Paso, Texas. What a change!

I’m looking forward to returning to the mansion design so here is a small update that I worked on before the move. The front porch is mostly complete with the balustrade, columns, and ceiling. I’ll show a detailed view in the next post.

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Second Empire Mansion Estate – test2

You can see here the red brick and white trim color scheme for the Second Empire mansion estate that I mentioned in the last post.

I’ve cut open the windows in the exterior wall as well as adding molding trim near the roof. If you look closely you can see the “stick” figure standing in for my human scale. He’s floating at the moment, but there will be a veranda (porch) added underneath him soon. It’s still early, but if you squint you can imagine the house coming together.

For this render I used Blender 2.70 and the Cycles render engine.

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Second Empire Mansion Estate – test1

In order for me to make sure my library scene is designed well, I needed more information surrounding the house it’s in.

Therefore, I’m taking a little detour and creating the mansion estate for my tycoon character. This “house” was built in the 1860′s following the Civil War in the French architectural style called Second Empire. I’ve personally been a huge fan of the style ever since I lived in Philadelphia and first saw City Hall. The style is more well known now as the haunted type of architecture because of The Adams Family, Psycho, and The Munsters.

Here is the first test render in Blender, just a bunch of shaped blocks to get the overall form. Because my story takes place in Virginia, the backyard of Jeffersonian architecture, the facade will be red brick. I haven’t picked the trim color yet.

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