Autumn City Hall – Update 24

I modeled the stained glass window to a point that I’m happy with. I experimented with different saturations and values, but this was the most accurate representation of real stained glass I could get. I attempted to texture it in Substance Painter, but there’s a very bad bug for Mac OS that causes the program to crash a lot so I’ll have to come back to it later when they fix it.

Until then, a basic bump map for the metal parts and rippled lead glass. I also added a metal trim design to integrate the dark fixture into the white ceiling. The ceiling will be textured later with some kind of stone/marble/granite. There are just a few tall cubes above the fixture to test out transparency so the final look with the real building will change.

Autumn City Hall – Update 23

My motivation has gone up and down throughout the process, especially as it gets harder to tweak because of the size of the file. That’s why it’s necessary for me to find different mini projects to tackle like this next part. I’m attempting the stained glass skylight window for the front balcony ceiling. So, when you walk underneath the arch and before you reach the front doors, you look up and see warm sunlight filtering through the window.

I’d love to spend more time coming up with a design, but I have to go with one of the first ones I think of since I need to move more quickly than I have. I’m happy with this design because it incorporates symbols of clocks, the sun, train wheels, cogs, and flowers. It doesn’t feel as Victorian as I’d like, but oh well. On to the modeling phase!

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