Where is the city located?2019-11-28T14:55:43-07:00

Well, I’d like to keep the location somewhat ambiguous since it’s supposed to represent a few different cities rolled into one. I can tell you it’s situated in between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachians. If you do some digging, you can figure out where it’s specifically located.

Why is it called Autumn?2019-11-28T14:55:43-07:00

Officially, the town was named after a 9 year old girl who died of pneumonia after hiking through the mountains with her father in the early 1800s. Unofficially, the season of Autumn is my favorite time of the year. My birthday is on the first day of Fall as well. The start of the season signals a change in weather and that the holidays are coming. Seeing the changing leaves and smelling burning logs is heaven to me.

When will you finish the project?2019-11-28T14:55:43-07:00

Finish? Never! This is an open ended project, much like our own cities. I’m constantly discovering new stories and interests. There will be final pieces of artwork, but the series is ongoing so sit back and enjoy the process.

Why is the setting in Virginia?2019-11-28T14:55:43-07:00

I lived there for three short years, and it just felt like home. Small town feel, southern charm, and beauty in nature and architecture. Oh, and the history!

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