This is a view of the back porch for my mansion design. I still have some details to throw in as it’s pretty bare at the moment. I think it looks like it just snowed.

This is a pretty big wrap around porch so I’ve thought about adding an opening at the section closest to the camera, between the two columns at the corner. I’ll have to take a look from further away later on to see if it’s aesthetically pleasing (it would definitely be functional).

I apologize for the snail paced updates, but I’ve been spending most of my time organizing my studio space and trying to bring in new fans to the project. I guess that’s the big goal of using Patreon, to get away from the financial burden to actually work on the art! You guys are lifesavers =)

I’m also continuing to add and revise the broad storyline so I have set “moments” to depict in my scenes. Let me know if you all are interested in me adding some posts about that in addition to the visual updates.

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