Autumn City Hall – Update 4

Started working on the back side of City Hall at the end of last week. I’m going on a little less reference than the front side since I don’t have an elevation drawing to work from, just the simple block shapes I had set up initially so there are more creative adjustments. I decided to add a colonnade/portico to the wings, but I might have them become additions that are built later in the building’s history, as if somebody discovered original architectural drawings that the first architect discarded. I’m also not sure if I will add pavilions at the end of the walkway or leave them open gazebo type structures.

I got caught up in the clock tower this weekend so that might be my next update. I’m figuring out what type of bells, chimes, and clock mechanisms are going in so that should be fun work. Lots of measuring and checking to see architectural milestones for the time period. I don’t want my building to be the biggest of the time.

Thanks guys! Until next time…

Autumn City Hall – Update 3

Down the road, I plan to add the building’s surroundings. Because this is a fictional history project, I’d like to build the area up in the timeline I imagine for the area with small houses popping up, followed by new roads and other buildings. I hope to use the area like a movie backlot where I can set up scenes to paint since this whole project is intended to get me back into traditional painting.

I didn’t mean to leave so much ground visible in the shot. Unfortunately, I want all of my progression shots to be at the same angle so maybe I can just crop them later.

Here’s a closer look at the entrance. The dual statues above the arch will be a native american and early Virginia settler.

Autumn City Hall – Update 1

I’ve started work on the main centerpiece of Autumn, Virginia – City Hall. I designed this building in the Second Empire french architectural style, common for the 19th century when this building was “built.”

I’m constructing this building with extreme detail down to light fixtures and window panes so it will be a long project with headaches, I’m sure. Still, it’s worth doing, and I’m looking forward to it.

I modeled an early version of the building using the BoolTool in Blender before drawing the elevation so I could have something to work from. I’ll post some of those images later.

Here, though, is my current progress on the building so far, still considered the block in stage. I’d like to get the main parts in so I can see if I need to do any major changes. The back half of the building is not done yet. Once I have the blocking in done, I’m going to lay out the rooms. I want this to be as functional a building as possible since I’m always striving towards realism in my work. I added some simple lights inside just to give it a little life during the construction process. Thanks everyone!

Autumn City Hall – Front Elevation Final Design

Here is the final design for Autumn City Hall. It’s pretty massive for the relatively small town, but it’s financial backers wanted something ornate and impressive to attract new residents. It’s built in the Second Empire style, a french architectural style, popular in the mid 1800s. The statues and details still need to be created, but that will be further down the line. The clocktower has both a giant bell and a carillon, a series of smaller bells that a musician plays using a giant piano like instrument. Stained glass will be implemented at select places including the main hallway under the arch. I’m very excited about developing the history of this building and various traditions that go along with it.

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Sketches of City Hall

Now that I’m finished with the basic plan of the city, I’m starting to think about the major buildings including City Hall, the train station, and grand hotel. Autumn City Hall was built in the 1870’s so it’ll be pretty ornate. That means it’ll take some time to come up with the design, sculptures, and construction. Here are a few of the early sketches. I’ve also started to sketch in 3d to get a better idea of the shape. More to come…

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