Did some work yesterday building the clock faces. There are a couple structural layers that I built. Behind the hands there is the decorative iron work attached to a supporting iron structure that mimics some of the lines of the front layer.

There are individual planes of glass in the center “flower” shape along with larger individual panes towards the outer part of the circle. The inner section has less of a frosted look.

Behind each face there are 12 spheres of light in place as temporary lamps. Because glass has to be replaced from time to time and is affected by the sun, I’m planning to add a subtle variation to different panes that can probably only be seen from behind. I can’t wait to add grime and textures to it! Ahh, delayed gratification…

Next up is setting up the final floor plan to look for any glaring mistakes in construction as well as making sure the entire structure fits into my city map plan.