Collection of  3d models, drawings, and various scenes.

Built on a foundation of spite…

East of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia during the late 19th century, a detested railroad tycoon struggled with increasing competition and a community growing angrier by the day. After a devastating fire ripped through the city, the local papers were quick to accuse his company of starting the blaze.

Out of spite and revenge, he decided to cross the mountain to build and finance a new town. Within a few decades of booming expansion, this new town of Autumn built up a reputation for strict urban planning and architectural standards.

Though it would struggle through an era of corruption and blight, its historical significance and natural surrounding beauty would inspire a new generation to reinvest in the city and turn it into the peaceful, beautiful Autumn that we know and love today.

1879 city plan of Autumn Virginia
Year Autumn Became a City