History is made up of individual stories that are woven together over time. Some stories grow to become almost mythological and make the figures who lived them seem larger than life.

The people of Autumn have contributed to this great city in unique ways, and some figures are never forgotten and ultimately shape the city for future residents. From tycoons to politicians, porters to coal miners, each have had roles to play in the larger history.

These are just a few of the characters that made their mark.

Raymond Greenwell (1841-1897)
Raymond Greenwell (1841-1897)Railroad President and Philanthropist
Mr. Harold Wick
Mr. Harold WickCivil Engineer and Architect
J. Oldman (1856-1938)
J. Oldman (1856-1938)Railroad President
'Deputy' John Walross (1874-1947)
'Deputy' John Walross (1874-1947)Railroad President and Strikebreaker
Endo Korematsu (1934-2012)
Endo Korematsu (1934-2012)CEO
Sonny Diaz (1979-)
Sonny Diaz (1979-)Student & Activist
The Bearded Boys
The Bearded BoysNewspaper Reporters
The Sister Suffragettes
The Sister SuffragettesActivist Group
Readjuster Party
Readjuster PartyLocal Political Party