I. The City Founding

Late 19th Century

drawing of old Richmond, Virginia

A railroad tycoon decides to establish a new city out of spite after accusations that his iron works factory was responsible for the great fire that swept through his home town.

II. A Season of Blight

Mid 20th Century

photo of urban skyline

As the founding father’s legacy fades, the city suffers a blight under the control of corrupt political bosses, abusive industry tycoons, and a changing economy.

III. Renaissance

Late 20th Century

downtown skyline

Triggered by the discovery of a lost train, a young boy helps bring a new sense of civic pride to the citizens of Autumn.

IV. The Golden Age

Mid 21st Century

drawing of Chicago World's Fair

The revitalized city is now on the world stage and must prove whether or not it will serve as the model for a modern utopia.

History is never antiquated, because humanity is always fundamentally the same.

~Walter Rauschenbusch